Focal Point: Occupy Phoenix Coming Next

So far over a thousand people are planning to attend a protest in Phoenix, based on its Facebook event page. The protest will officially start Oct. 15 at noon, but will be preceded the day before with a "Pre-Occupation March" in order to gather additional media attention. The protest is planned to continue until Christmas Day at about noon.

"We Are the 99%"

Reasons for the protest are derived from a mixture of progressive liberal, libertarian, and anarchist ideas. The fundamental objections appear to be a protest against corporatism—particularly corporate person-hood—in relation with diminishing civil rights and severe economic inequality. Established by the catch-term for the movement, protesters are seeking a stronger voice against what call, "The 1%," which refers to the influential and financially wealthy minority in the U.S.

The movement seems driven by the Occupy Wall Street protest. Though it is uncertain how large of a role local issues in Arizona will play.

Based on the discussions being held among those organizing the protest and the conversations between those attending, it appears protesters are learning from the mistakes made at previous events: namely, the ability to interact with mainstream media.

Protesters have been frustrated with the way they have been portrayed by mainstream media—with there being a particularly harsh outcry toward FOX News. Activists are being advised to come prepared for the camera, behave in a mature fashion, and perhaps even have rehearsed statements so as not to fumble.

Impulse will be providing coverage from the ground.

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